Funny Spanish Slang Words

Learning a foreign language that you are interested in may be easy to you.

However, what seems difficult to catch is the meaning of slang words in a language that is not your mother tongue.

In addition, sometimes it is tricky to find a reliable source that explains the meaning of these peculiar expressions.

Funny Spanish Slang Words

Bearing this in mind, our article is aimed to provide 30 Funny Spanish Slang Words and their detailed definition.

Hoping this will help you understand when you can use these 30 Funny Spanish Slang Words and what they refer to.

1. Tabarra

Some funny Spanish slang words like tabarra are used by locals to describe unpleasant situations.

This funny Spanish slang word is related to the expression tábano, which is a big and annoying fly that bites horses.

As you may now understand, dar la tabarra consists of being highly disruptive.

2. Piltrafilla

Piltrafilla won’t probably appear in Spanish love quotes.

However, it is sometimes used in a loving way to refer to naughty children.

This expression was popularized all around most beautiful places in Spain thanks to a tuna commercial.

Funny Spanish words like piltrafilla or desastrillo refer to messy people.

3. Fistro

Fistro is an outdated colloquial expression to refer to someone in a derogatory manner. 

The Spanish comedian Chiquito de la Calzada popularized some Spanish slang phrases like Fistro or ¡Hasta luego, Lucas! twenty years ago, however, they are still in use.

4. Baboso

Baboso is one of the funniest dirty Spanish words because it means ‘slimy’.

Although it can be used to describe someone with lots of salivae, figuratively it refers to boys that do not stop chasing girls they like.

5. Chungo

Our list of 30 Funny Spanish slang words should definitely include Chungo.

Although chungo is kind of updated, it is still one of the most popular funny sayings in Spanish to refer to someone that may be dangerous or aggressive.

6. Kinki

A different expression to mean chungo is kinki.

This funny Spanish slang word was very popular in the 80’s but nowadays it is less common.

As happens with chungo, kinki may appear in Spanish quotes about friendship to joke about how messy your friends look.

However, it is used to name people belonging to a marginalized social group.

7. Postureo

A modern expression that may appear in some motivational quotes in Spanish is postureo.

Showing how cool your life is on social media can be described as postureo, which is very cutie in Spanish slang. 

If you want a formal definition of this recent word, you should know that according to the Spanish Language Academy (RAE) it means ‘artificial and false attitude adopted for convenience or presumption’.

8. Caña (de cerveza)

Spanish travel quotes are those that you should know in order to survive in Spain.

That’s why you definitely should know what a caña fría is, especially in summer.

A caña is a glass of beer and ¡Caña aquí! Can be one of the best Instagram captions in Spanish to use when posting pictures of your nights out with friends.

9. Capullo

Capullo is a common Spanish word that refers to flowers that have not been opened yet.

However, it is also one of the most common and funny Spanish insults.

It is usually told to friends in an informal context when joking together.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that it may be quite offensive when saying it to someone you do not have a strong relationship with. 

10. Cacho

When thinking about some funny things to say in Spanish, the word cacho always comes to locals’ minds.

It is specially used in Andalucía and its significance is ‘a piece of something’.

However, if you hear the idiom pillar cacho you should know that its meaning is ‘to successfully flirt with someone’. 

11. Petardo

Spanish travel quotes about Valencia will probably include the words paella or petardo.

The original meaning of petardo is firecracker. 

However, like most funny words in Spanish, it has a different meaning when using it in an informal context.

Petardo may appear in some cool Spanish quotes referring to annoying people.

12. Sabes?

If you need to say ‘you know’ in Spanish slang, you should just say Sabes?

This expression became very popular when Belén Esteban, who was married to the famous bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique, overuse it in her interviews on TV.

13. Arreando que es gerundio

Funny Spanish phrases that include the word ‘hurry’ in Spanish slang are very useful if you need someone to act quickly but you don’t want to pressure them.

Funny Spanish sayings that may be appropriate in these kinds of situations are Arreando que es gerundio or date brío.

Although its literal translation does not make any sense in English, these fun words to say in Spanish are meant to promote proactive behavior towards a particular task.

14. Friqui

Friqui or Friki is one of the funny Spanish names used to mean ‘weirdo’.

If you specify what someone is friqui of, the significance of the word is slightly different.

In fact, it has to be understood as ‘fanatic’ or ‘addicted’ to something.

For example, friqui de los videojuegos or friqui del anime.

15. Quilla

Although Quilla won’t probably appear in Spanish quotes for mum, it is probably one of the most popular words to say ‘woman’ in Spanish slang.

Quilla may be considered the most popular funny Spanish word of the day in Andalucía, and it is the abbreviation of the word chiquilla.

Chiquilla will appear in funny Spanish sentences to refer to girls or chicks.

16. Pijo

This list of 30 funny Spanish slang words should definitely include the expression pijo.

A pijo is someone wealthy, whose way to dress and talk is frequently the target of funny Spanish quotes aimed to ridiculize them.

In Spain, there is a traditional rivality between pijos and macarras because of their opposite lifestyles and social backgrounds.

17. Lapa

Although lapa is not a word that will appear in romantic Spanish love quotes, it refers to the kind of lover that does not give you any personal space.

In fact, a lapa is a marine snail that gets strongly sticks to rocks.

The funny Spanish joke about this word is that both kinds of lapas stay very close to the thing that holds it.

Cool Spanish slang words like these are quite common among teenagers, who won’t hesitate to tell you when your boyfriend or girlfriend is being a pain in the ass.

18. Pasmarote

Although pasmarote is a peculiar what to say lazy in Spanish slang, it is quite common to hear it said by middle-aged people.

It is ideal to describe dull or self-absorbed people that seem to be completely out.

19. Pirrar

When something is great in Spanish slang and you want to let people know that you love it, you can just say Me pirra, which means ‘It drives me crazy’.

It can be used to refer to anything you can think of including food, people, activities, places, etc.

20. Qué pasa Neng?

What’s up in Spanish slang may be said in very varied ways.

However, one of the most heard 20 years ago was ‘Qué pasa Neng?’

This may be explained as a result of the fact that what is Spain Known For is the TV show Buenafuente in which el Neng de Castefa popularized the expression ‘Qué pasa Neng?’.

21. Rebote

If you throw away a ball, you see that it bounces back. This is precisely a rebote.
When this expression appears in Spanish quotes about life, it refers to your reaction when someone annoys you.
As you may notice, there is a similarity between the behavior of the ball and those who react to something they don’t like.

22. Canijo

Romantic Spanish phrases may include cute expressions like canijo used lovingly.

However, it can also be a funny Spanish insult because its literal meaning is ‘someone weak or short’.

23. Picha

Most positive quotes in Spanish you will hear in Andalucia will contain the word picha.

When someone uses it to refer to another one, you can infer that these two people have a great relationship.

The meaning of this expression is ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’.

24. Hortera

Hortera is one of the 30 Funny Spanish Slang Words that may be used to describe someone that is quite extravagant.

The equivalent expression in English is ‘kitsch’. As you may know, this adjective refers to pretentious, outdated, and tacky aesthetics.

25. Buenorro

Some funny Spanish words of the day are very useful to describe people physically.

If you are looking for words in movies set in Spain to describe someone attractive you can resort to buenorro.

Buenorro is ‘handsome’ in Spanish slang and although it is quite colloquial, it will make your boyfriend blush for sure!

26. Malqueda

The expression malqueda describes someone that does not care about being nice to others.

In fact, the literal translation of this expression is ‘to reflect poorly on someone’.

Malqueda is the colloquial and shorter version of the Spanish saying quedar mal.

27. Piripi

Piripi is a very common word in youth slang.

There are more chances to hear it in a festive context as the meaning of piripi is ‘tipsy’.

When going out you should be very careful because passing from piripi to too drunk is very easy!

28. Guiri

Guiri is a word that is in every Spaniard’s mouth in summer.

Although it may sometimes be used in a derogatory manner, especially in places where tourists behave in a wild way, it is also an informal expression to refer to foreign visitors.

29. Mogollón

Mogollón is one of the funny Spanish slang words to mean ‘a lot’.

If you are visiting Madrid, you should know that locals from this region say mazo instead of mogollón.

However, these two expressions are equivalent.

Mogollón or mazo may fit some of the most Romantic Spanish love quotes because you can express how much you love someone by saying Te quiero mogollón or Me gustas mazo.

30. Botellón

Although it is not allowed to practice the botellón in Spain, the reality is quite different.

A botellón is an open-air meeting in which people drink some cocktails prepared by themselves. 

What explains these kinds of practices is that alcoholic drinks in Spain may be quite expensive, but you should remember that a police fine will be worse!

I hope you have enjoyed this post about these frequently used 30 funny Spanish slang words.

Although it may seem difficult to remind all of them now, you can always revisit this article if you need to refresh what we just learned.

Do not forget that practice makes perfect, so use them in your daily conversations as much as you can!

It’s the only way to improve the richness of your vocabulary!

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