September 28, 2022

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The Passionate of Travel

San Diego Zoo appeals to out-of-state visitors looking to relax and get unpregnant

Ellie the Elective Abortion Elephant welcomes abortion-seekers to the Zoo. “Happily,” says Beastie, “the Zoo is already equipped with state of the art medical facilities, and our staff is well versed in the science and technique surrounding reproduction — including its limitation. When it comes to breeding, people are just like any other animal, and there’s no one better at taking care of animals than us.”

“Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade and handed the issue of reproductive rights over to the states, we’ve seen a huge uptick in people interested in traveling to California in order to procure abortions,” says Marilyn Beastie, director of bio-tourism at the San Diego Zoo. “It helps that Governor Newsom has promised that the state will be a sanctuary for those out-of-state travelers, and will even provide government assistance once they are here. We here at the Zoo realized that we had a unique opportunity to help.

The Planned Parenthood billboard in City Heights that inspired the City’s campaign.

Abortion is often a difficult and stressful choice under the best of circumstances, and being forced to travel to another state while suffering from an unwanted pregnant is hardly the best of circumstances. But what if people could combine their journey on the reproductive rights railroad with something relaxing and fun? Say, a visit to the Zoo? What if you could terminate your pregnancy in the same place where you began an exciting new encounter with nature? That was how our idea for our Zygote to Zoo program was born. Visitors can receive a safe, legal outpatient procedure here, free of charge, and then spend the rest of the day in one of our special electric Zoo Scoots, visiting the attractions, forgetting their cares, and celebrating the freedom and fun offered by the great state of California.”

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