Winter Camping Advantages Over Summer Camping


Summer is more popular than winter when it comes to camping seasons. It is mainly because of its warm and nice weather. Also, it is the time where families get to spend time with their children being out from school. And because of this, campgrounds and campsites are usually flooded by campers during the summer. If you don’t make reservations in advance you may not have a place to pitch your tent.

Meanwhile, although not as popular as summer camping, winter camping can still be quite exciting and enjoyable. Because it is more challenging, more and more people seem to enjoy the thrill. Those who have tried it say that nothing is more rewarding than to be able to experience camping in the cold and enjoy its own advantages over summer camping.

Here are some advantages of winter camping:

  1. No bugs and mosquito bites. This is the season where you will be able to camp bug free. Because during cooler weather, insects starts to hibernate thus you will no longer have to worry about ants crawling into the contents of your food or blood sucking mosquitoes.
  2. Food Storage. Using your shovel you can make a storage cabinet for your food out of snow. This will help make your food last longer and keep it frozen.
  3. No crowds. Because not all people enjoy camping in the cold it is the best time to experience solitude and tranquility with nature. You will no longer have to worry being rammed in like sardines. You also won’t be bothered by inconsiderate fellow campers.
  4. Cheaper campsite rates. Prices for campgrounds usually drop at certain non-peak months of the year especially during winter season. (redundant)
  5. Gorgeous scenery. Winter camping offers a different kind of scenery and is quite alluring. Trees have already shed their leaves which make a great view to the starry skies. Frozen rivers and lakes offer ice-skating or ice-fisihing – always check campground office for safety precautions.,
  6. More choices for campsites. Unlike during summer season where you have to book in advance to be able to get a spot in camping sites and rely on the description on a brochure, in winter camping that is no longer required. Often time, you can just turn up on the camping site right there and pick the best spot. Because the camp ground is relatively empty, there may even be enough space for you to do all your activities such as sledding and skiing.
  7. Camp fires. A camping trip isn’t complete without gazing into the stars around the camp fire while holding a mug of a hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows. If you think winter camping means no campfires, you are wrong. Many campground have campfire pits. Clear the snow out of the campfire pit, put some dried campfire wood, and you’ll be enjoying a blazing fire on a crisp winter night. In fact, during peak season or summer season, some camp sites actually don’t allow camp fires because of the risk of starting forest fire. But because crowds tend to disappear during winter season, rules are relaxed a bit.
  8. Cozy nights. Keeping warm during the night is not really a problem in winter camping. As long as you have the right sleeping bag and gears, your nights would be shiver free and absolutely cozy. If you’re the kind of person who finds it easier to bundle up in the cold, then cooling yourself in the hot humid summer, winter camping might be just for you.

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