A Focussed Approach to Working Out


The fitness world is like a world filled with different sorts of candy for a little kid, so obviously this little kid will be distracted by all the fancy colours and designs, and the kid will want to try out all the candy at the same time. This will create a problem, one is that the kid will have a very difficult time finding their favourite candy, two the kid will be eating so much candy at the same time that by the time he is tasting the 10th candy, he has already forgotten about the first candy which he might have also enjoyed eating, and given more time and consumption that candy would have been the kids favourite. How is this connected to working out or fitness in general? Worry not for I will tell you below.

Spoilt for Choice in Fitness

Just like in the land of candy you have many choices in the fitness world. There are many methods to get in shape, there are many that work and many that do not work in the promised period of time. Getting fit and in shape is about finding the perfect candy for yourself. Let us look at your options in fitness land. You could hire a personal trainer, who can then design a workout program and diet specifically for you, that is if you can afford a personal trainer. Alternatively you could train from home using bodyweight training, but you would have to do some research into the best bodyweight exercises for each of your body parts such as legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and abs. If you are the type of person that needs to be told what to do and how to do it, if you need that push you would get from a personal trainer but you cannot afford one then your best option would be to buy one of those home workout DVD’s.

The other route is to use the internet to find great websites and videos to help you get in shape for free, you could spend hours looking for great website with good information for you to use and search YouTube for some great YouTube channels that share home workouts and workouts you can do at the gym to best achieve your fitness goals. And finally in fitness land there is always the fitness magazines which are updated monthly with different workouts and diets for readers to try out. As you can see there are way too many options to try out in fitness land just like in candy land, this could leave one confused and not knowing what to do, but I can definitely tell you this much, trying out all the flashy new workouts is definitely not the way to go.

How to have a Focused Approach to Working Out

As I have just proven above, you are spoilt for choice in the fitness world so the first thing you do is figure out what sort of a workout program will suit you the best. You have to figure out what your fitness goals are which will help you choose the kind of program you need, by this I mean you must figure out if you want to be really big and muscular like the guys and girls at the Olympian, or you want to be Hollywood fit with a lean muscular physique or maybe you just want to lose weight. Once you have got your fitness goal figured out, it is easier to choose a fitness program or fitness blog to follow, you just choose one blog or fitness video program to follow that promises what you are after, for example if you are just looking to lose weight you could but yourself one of those dance based DVD programs to do at home.

The other thing you must do is to choose one program to do and stick with it for a certain period of time then at a later stage assess how far you have come with that program. Like I said the fitness world has a lot of distractions, every month there is a hot new workout, if you got a certain workout from a magazine in June then the same magazine shared another workout in July, it does not mean you stop doing the workout you started in June. To see results sometimes you have to stick with your workout program for more than a month before you move on to the next thing that magazines promise will give you fast results, magazines have to change their workouts each month because they have to sell copies, if they shared the same thing every month you would not buy it anymore.

Be patient and work hard, there are no easy and quick results, if you stick with one workout for long enough it eventually works, but there is no quick fix. You will not lose lots of pounds in a short period of time unless you are obese and even then it is usually water weight, the more muscular and leaner you are, the harder it gets to lose more weight to get to the shredded zone, so patience and hard consistent work are your best bet.

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