Attractions You Absolutely Have To See in Shanghai, China

The 15+ BEST Things to Do in Shanghai, China

Whether you are traveling to China for business or pleasure, there are many attractions to be seen in Shanghai. This city is the largest in the country, and is known as a global financial center. The city is characterized by a modern skyline, as well as a variety of landmarks. You can fly into Shanghai with Cathay Pacific and enjoy everything mentioned below.

Yuyuan Gardens

Located in Shanghai’s Old Town region, the Yuyuan Garden is a quiet and classic Chinese garden that’s popular with tourists. This attraction features a variety of pavilions and stone carving exhibition hall. It’s also home to a “nine-turning bridge” which is a popular tourist attraction.

Yuyuan Garden is also home to a large rockery. It was built by a Ming Dynasty rockery artist. It has a maze-like design and can accommodate 30 pavilions.

The most impressive part of Yuyuan Garden is the Grand Rockery. It’s the oldest rockery in the southern Yangtze River region. It was built by Zhang Nanyan in the Ming Dynasty.

In the area around the garden, you can find many small shops and restaurants. You can try local snacks, including steamed stuffed buns and crispy rice cakes. The best time to visit the garden is during the spring or summer.

Another popular activity is climbing to the top of the Great Rockery. The rocks are carved naturally by moving waves. The pavilions in the garden were built to mimic South China’s landscape design of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

You can find the Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai near the Yuyuan Tourist Mart in the Huangpu District. The park features ponds, luohan pines, and buildings. The park is home to an Acting and Singing Stage. It’s also home to a tower that supposedly watches out for waves.

Shanghai Art Museum

Located at 205 Shangnan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China, the Shanghai Art Museum is a modern art institution which houses over 8,000 paintings and artworks from famous Chinese painters. It also features art books, art workshops, and a cafe.

The Shanghai Art Museum is located in a building constructed in 1933, originally as a clubhouse for the Shanghai Race Club. The building’s round top and square base symbolise an ancient Chinese perception of the world.

The Shanghai Art Museum is divided into four themes. These include the history of Shanghai, foreign art, minority art, and modern art. The Museum also has a number of special exhibitions.

The Shanghai Museum is a great place to learn about Chinese culture. Visitors can explore the city’s history, see artworks, and even buy some art souvenirs. Located in a square-shaped building, the museum is home to more than 120,000 artifacts, ranging from ancient coins to jades. The museum also offers art workshops and academic seminars.

The Shanghai Museum also features the world’s only authentic Sun Wei silk painting hand scroll. This work, known as Hermits, dates back to 705 AD – 907 AD.

The Shanghai Museum is located close to People’s Square. The Shanghai Museum is also within walking distance of Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 2. It is open from 9 AM to 17:30 PM. For an entrance fee of 35 yuan, visitors can enjoy the museum’s exhibits.

Shanghai Acrobats arena

Located in the city of Shanghai, the Shanghai Acrobats arena hosts an array of circus and martial arts shows. This state-of-the-art facility features advanced lighting, sound equipment and a revolving stage. The venue features a seating capacity of 1,672 people.

Shanghai Acrobats arena also hosts the Shanghai International Magic Festival. This acrobatics spectacle features acrobats and magicians from around the world. It also hosts a variety of traditional Chinese dance performances.

The Shanghai Acrobats and Magicians perform six sold-out shows a week in the Shanghai Arena. The show is considered to be one of China’s top tourist attractions. This show features a variety of feats including balancing, dancing, martial arts and singing.

The Oriental Fairyland Acrobatics Show is an acrobatics spectacle that combines mind-blowing acrobatics skills with traditional beauty. This acrobatics extravaganza features an array of Chinese acrobatics including aerial displays and hoop diving. It also features a variety of high-tech multimedia.

Another impressive acrobatics show is the Shanghai Centre Theatre. The venue features a variety of acrobatic feats including plate spinning, a diabolo performance and a daring tightrope act. The show also incorporates dining and entertainment.

The Shanghai Acrobats and Magians are often on tour and perform their shows in different cities. The show has garnered a gold medal in the National Acrobatics Contest. The show is suitable for all ages.

The Floating Gondola and the Wheel of Life are also highlights of the show.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Located in Sanzhao Town of Nanhui, Pudong New District of Shanghai, Shanghai Wild Animal Park is one of the biggest zoos in China. It features more than a hundred different species of animals from around the world. The park is a major attraction for the people of Shanghai.

The park is divided into five different areas. There is the bird zone, the herbivore zone, the bus riding area, the walk area, and the rare animal park. The animals are exhibited in simulated environments as close as possible to their natural habitat.

The park also features a drive-through safari. There are more than 5,000 animals including birds, monkeys, seals, and Asian elephants. There is also a performance hall for the animals.

Another attraction in the park is the liger. This is a cross-breed between a male lion and a female tiger. It is the largest big cat you will ever see. The liger is white in color, and has very little stripes.

Visitors can also feed the animals. The park has several food shops. The food is delicious. There are also local souvenir shops where visitors can buy souvenirs.

The park is open from 08:00 to 17:00 from March to November. The timings are a little later in the winter months.

The park features a Ferris wheel, which allows visitors to have a bird’s eye view of the zoo. The park also has an outdoor play area for kids. The facilities are well maintained.

Shanghai Police keep control of the city

Thousands of people took to the streets in the city of Shanghai on Monday, July 10, in the largest protest since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power. The protesters demanded the president step down. They also slammed the government’s anti-virus controls, which have worsened the death toll of an apartment fire in the northwest.

Thousands of health workers have been sent to the city of Shanghai, which is at the center of China’s coronavirus outbreak. They are being tested for the virus. Some of these workers, including the delivery drivers, have been put into isolation camps.

The city of Shanghai has recorded over 300,000 cases of COVID since it was first detected in Wuhan in March. During the outbreak, the city has reported over 20,000 asymptomatic cases. Some residents have been locked in their homes. Others have been denied access to medical treatment.

Residents at a housing complex in Shanghai clashed with health officials. Authorities announced a two-stage lockdown. The first phase of the lockdown started on March 28. A second stage will continue until the city’s authorities assess COVID-19 test results. Until then, residents will be confined to apartments. Some markets will reopen in low-risk areas.

Residents have been complaining about food shortages. They say the government has restricted their ability to purchase daily necessities. A local current affairs commentator has said that the restrictions are making it impossible for logistics firms to operate in the city. He also said that the city’s police have been patrolling areas where Telegram groups have suggested gathering.

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