These days the internet has become a very powerful tool through which you can easily buy fitness products, fitness diet plans and fitness equipments. BeachBody, the creator of the world’s most popular in-home fitness and weight-loss programs has developed a special resistance band they refer to as B-LINES Resistance Bands. It can be used in most of Beachbody’s fitness programs.

In this article, I would like to tell you about some of the great features of B-Lines Resistant Bands.

Advantages of B-Line Resistance bands
B-Lines bands are a great alternative to free weights and/or dumbbells. They are flexible and provide you good resistance while you are exercising with them. Some of the benefits of these are:

  • All the bands in this series include the soft Comfort-Grip Handles.
  • While you are exercising with them, they would provide you different resistance level for each different workout.
  • You can easily control the tension by lengthening or shortening the band as and when you desire.
  • These are portable and very easy to carry around. You can take then with you even while you are travelling.
  • These are used for various different exercises which help in toning, sculpting and burning your body fat.

Different resistance level

These resistant bands come in various different colors and each color has a different resistance level. The pink band is 15 lbs, the green one is 40 lbs, Red is 30 lbs, black one is 50 lbs and the Magenta is 20 lbs. You can easily choose these bands according to their resistance level. The B-Line resistant band is very good for exercises that focus on the biceps, shoulders and triceps.

Very easy to purchase
These are very easy to purchase, you can either buy a single band or purchase the whole set. On the internet you would mainly find three resistant band kits which contain different color combinations of the B-Line bands.

Material used for B-Line Resistance Bands
These popular among women because you do not need extra dumbbells while you are exercising with these bands. These are made of latex elastic and come with 3 handles which you can use according to your convenience.

B-Line Resistant Bands can really make exercising a fun filled experience for you. I am sure they would really help you to get a well toned slim body.

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