Beardsley Zoo takes precaution against Bird Flu

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WFSB) – With cases of the potentially deadly hen flu getting noted throughout the state, the condition is inquiring those people with birds to be proactive and choose precaution.

From owls and eagles to tropical birds, and even ducks and chickens, the Beardsley Zoo has plenty of high-quality feathered close friends.

The team here is taking ways to hold them safe with confirmed hen flu situations in the us, one even as shut as very long island.

“This is a virus that can be past from chook to chook, any where in the planet,” said Jim Knox.

Knox is the curator of education with the zoo.

Though its a very low possibility to humans, the worry is wild birds impacting the some of the exhibits.

So that means you might not see all of the zoo’s birds.

The aviary is closed and the waterfowl, typically noticed about the duck pond, have been moved within.

“Birds, as opposed to mammals, can vacation extensive distances in quick time period of time and simply because they digest their foodstuff at a much more swift amount, any time they go to the toilet, that is a mode of transmission, so birds can be spreading the virus quickly to other birds,” said Knox.

Even though the aviary is off restrictions, the Beardsley Zoo nevertheless has a great deal of displays and a lot of birds.

“Our higher farmyard, we have our raptors, as nicely as chickens. All those men all have coverings in excess of their roofs around their enclosures so people can see the birds and still enjoy that working experience, it’s just that we cannot show all of our birds right now,” mentioned Knox.

Knox suggests website visitors seems to realize, stressing as before long as the weather conditions warms and migration slows down in a handful of months and the virus must much too.

The hope is that is when they’ll get all the birds again out in community see.

“It’s normal, we hope it to come about, and our job is to foresee, be proactive and adapt as we go to make guaranteed we’re doing our quite most effective,” reported Knox.