Chinese veteran provides shelter for wild animals at his zoo for over 30 years

Luo Yingjiu works at the zoo Photo: screenshot of video posted on Bilibili

Luo Yingjiu is effective at the zoo Picture: screenshot of video clip posted on Bilibili

All animals at the zoo found in Enshi, Central China’s Hubei Province have nicknames, like Guai Guai, Qiu Qiu and Shan Shan, which ended up supplied by 82-year-previous Luo Yingjiu, a Chinese veteran who wears all method of hats at the zoo he has run for additional than 30 years.

The zoo has been termed China’s loneliest zoo as Luo is its only workers member. Luo and his zoo went viral not long ago soon after his granddaughter began to upload movies about the zoo and the animals’ tales on online video sharing platform Bilibili. 

The account “Luoyeye de dongwuyuan” (lit: Grandpa Luo’s zoo) at present has far more than 300,000 followers on the platform.

When chatting with the International Periods, the veteran launched his day by day everyday living with the more than 20 varieties of animals at the zoo. 

Each and every day Luo rises just before dawn and cleans the homes of all animals. As the zoo is situated on the Fenghuang Mountain in Enshi, Luo has to vacation downhill to obtain food items for the animals in the local industry. 

Often he is unable to buy all the food he requirements in just one go. Regional residents generally see the outdated person with all-white hair stooping as he pushes his bicycle laden with a number of weighty luggage up the mountain street back to his zoo, which is also his residence.

Luo opens the zoo’s gate at 9 am sharp and then sits beside the gate to wait around for guests. 

Luo mentioned that as the zoo has gotten far more and far more attention on the web, the number of website visitors has enhanced, particularly on the weekends. There are generally pretty much hundreds of readers on the weekends now, but in the previous factors were pretty distinct.

In 1989, regional authorities went to talk to Luo regardless of whether he wished to run a zoo with regional governing administration aid for the reason that he had been rescuing wild animals from the market place and essential a spot to shelter them. Luo agreed to the arrangement and has been performing tricky to give for the animals for dozens of a long time now, even during moments when federal government funding fell limited.

The zoo, about the measurement of a basketball courtroom, was the only a person in Enshi at that time. It contained some significant-size predators this kind of as tigers and lions, attracting lots of visitors, but its glory a long time did not very last incredibly lengthy.

Luo Yingjiu works at the zoo Photo: screenshot of video posted on Bilibili

Luo Yingjiu operates at the zoo Picture: screenshot of movie posted on Bilibili

Luo ongoing to rescue disabled animals this kind of as an Asian black bear that lost a paw, but as the animals obtained outdated, weak or unwell, much less site visitors ended up inclined to buy tickets even nevertheless the rate experienced dropped by 50 percent.

Some people prompt that Luo really should close the zoo, but the veteran refused. In his watch, the zoo was not just a tourist attraction, but also a shelter and home for wild animals and he was adamant on holding his assure.

When Luo is not hectic treating animals or introducing website visitors to them, he feeds animals with food stuff acquired from the industry in the mornings. Luo has investigated the distinctive habits of the various animals at his zoo so as to deliver them with the correct diet. 

The Asian black bear Guai Guai, already 19 a long time aged, gets far more focus from Luo due to the fact of its innovative age.

Guai Guai was saved by Luo about 17 decades ago. Luo was explained to that a regional restaurant proprietor experienced bought a black bear and was preparing to eliminate it for a feast.

He was familiar with the guidelines concerning defense of wild animals and knew that killing and feeding on them was unlawful and could final result in a jail sentence for violates, so he obtained in touch with the cafe owner and finally paid 3,000 yuan ($458.3) for the bear and took it back again to the zoo.

Guai Guai has lived in the zoo considering that then and Luo mentioned that he can come to feel the bear’s emotional relationship with him. At first, it was fiery and attempted to hurt men and women who obtained close to it because of its personal injury, but now it does not shy away from Luo’s contact any more.

“Animals also have emotions like human beings and recognize individuals who are pleasant to them,” Luo reported to the Global Occasions.

Even although decades have handed, Luo has not neglected his promise and pointed out that he will keep on preserving and getting in animals that need enable for the decades to come.