Fish Oil – The Dangers You Need to Know

Heavy metal toxins, contaminated fish, poor quality manufacturing, PCBs, regulation, no regulation: these are just a few of the dangerous waters you must navigate in order to safely consume a fish oil supplement. Some supplements have been found to have unsafe levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (also known as PCBS). Current labeling regulations require manufacturers to provide a warning label when the product they are selling may have a toxic item as an ingredient.

Proponents of safer piping rock coupon supplements desire to see the manufacturers help consumers make better choices when it comes to fish oil supplements. By providing specific information about contaminants like PCBs, lead, and mercury, users of these products should be able to make a better decision. The continued support of consumer groups will help to keep the supplements we depend on safe.

Consumers are well aware of the heavy metal toxicity due to the great amount of press that contaminated fishing waters have gotten over the years. However, the PCB category of toxins covers more than 200 different chemicals. All of these chemicals have been linked to different forms of cancer. Without better labeling, consumers may be ingesting more of the same thing they are actually trying to prevent by taking the fish oil.

Fish oil has long been used as a dietary supplement to help fight coronary heart disease, joint problems, and many psychiatric conditions both for prevention and protection. The market for omega 3 supplements has more than doubled since 2006 just in the supplement market. Many foods have fish oil added for the nutritional value as well.

Not only must we worry about the above problems, but now we have to worry if our need for fish oil supplements is worth killing off parts of the ecosystem. The best sources of omega 3 fatty acids have always been oily fish from deep cold waters. Fish like salmon, tuna, cod, and mackerel are always named as the named as dietary sources of fatty acids. However, most fish oil in the world is taken from a small filter fish called the menhaden.

Menhaden are a fish sometimes called bunker, pogies, bugmouths, and mossbacks. These fish are smaller than the size of a hand and the fish are proliferating along the eastern shores of the US and in the major bays and waterways along the east coast. They eat algae and help to clean the turbidity from the water. However, they are in danger. They are a great source of fish oil and they are easy and cheap to catch. In fact they are so easy to catch that 15 Atlantic states banned the commercial fishing of them.

Protecting the environment and protecting yourself is the goal of everyone who takes a fish oil supplement. The safety and purity of your source of omega 3 should be of great concern. Take the time to learn where your supplements come from and what they actually contain. This article should be a jumping off point for you to get more information on these very important issues. Get the right information and get the right supplement for you and your family’s health. Fish oil is important to your health, make sure you know the facts.