Get to Know 6 Unique and Interesting Indonesian Cultural Festivals


Indonesia has a very diverse culture and tribes. These tribes in each region have unique and exciting cultures. Even to preserve the culture, it is not uncommon to hold cultural festivals within a certain period.

This cultural festival displays a lot of cultures of indonesian art, often held in tourist destinations such as Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and many more. The holding of a cultural festival will certainly attract foreign tourists. The following are examples of some Indonesian cultural festivals.

6 Indonesian Cultural Festivals

1. Gili Festival

Gili festival is a cultural festival held in Gili, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This festival aims to promote and attract tourists to visit the gili islands. Many events are offered for this festival, from rituals to art performances.

2. Lake Toba Festival

The history of the formation of Lake Toba is fascinating and legendary, making local people hold the Lake Toba Festival in September every year. The series of events at this festival includes music, culture, dance art, art exhibitions, and traditional sports competitions.

3. Erau Cultural Festival

The Erau Cultural Festival is held in the Erau area, East Kalimantan. Usually, this festival is held every 2 years in the Tenggarong. The meaning of this festival comes from the word “Erau” which means crowd, hometown, and joy.

The regular performances at this festival are art exhibitions, traditional sports competitions, motorboat competitions, and culinary festivals. Suppose you are interested in attending the Erau Cultural Festival. In that case, it is necessary to confirm the date and location of the festival.

4. Nyepi Festival (The Silence Day Festival)

The Nyepi Day commemoration is held in the form of the Nyepi Festival, which is held in March, exactly 3 days before the date of Nyepi. During Nyepi Day, people must stop all activities so that the atmosphere of settlements and roads will feel lonely and quiet. The Nyepi Festival, which is held, is marked by the fullness of the streets with various colors or called Sengan Melasti.

5. Pasola

Pasola is a traditional cultural festival held by the people of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The festival is scheduled for February and March. Pasola is a ritual performed by the troops who come together. The goal is to play a role in the war.

6. Dieng Culture Festival

The Dieng Culture Festival is held in the Dieng area, East Java. Local children generally experience a unique phenomenon of making their hair frizzy and tangled, and there is a belief that life will prosper if they do this. During the Dieng Festival, the hair of the children will be cut and become a symbol that they have entered adulthood.

The uniqueness of Indonesian cultural festivals above proves that Indonesia has a variety of unique and exciting cultures. Having an interest in joining the festivals is an opportunity to participate in preserving the cultures.

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