How to Get a Lifetime Ban From a Rental Car Company


Okay so, in my life I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and I’ve probably stated more hotel rooms than 95% of the population. Indeed, I’ve traveled to more cities than 99% of the population, and I’ve also been banned from more rental car agencies that I care to remember. Why you ask? Because in my company I put far too many miles on rental cars, no, it’s not because I’m afraid to fly, I’m actually a pilot, it’s because I am a retired franchisor, and would when building my company drive from city to city, and I didn’t take airliners that much because I had too many stops along the way.

I can remember one time I rented a car in Georgia, and I put 48,000 miles on it in five weeks. In fact, I rented the car for $260 per week. You can imagine when I brought the car back how shocked they were, and angry, and how they wanted to ding my credit card for $10,000 more. However, I made them stick to the $260 per week, and I told them that was the deal, that’s what I signed up for, and it wasn’t my fault that I ran their car passed 26,000 miles, which is generally the point where they trade the car in because they have a deal with the auto auction.

You can understand that obviously putting nearly 50,000 miles on an automobile in five weeks and running out half of its useful life and only paying 1200+ dollars cost the auto rental company a ton of money. They lost, and I won, but that was the deal. Indeed they felt as if I took advantage of them, and I was banned for life from ever renting a car from that company again. Over the years similar scenarios, although not as many miles, had occurred. I am currently banned by four different auto rental car companies, for my lifetime.

You might laugh, but this is not very funny because auto rental car agencies and brand names often merge, and there aren’t as many as there were before, so there are now only a few that I can rent from. Suffice it to say I’d recommend that you try not to take advantage of the Rent-A-Car companies, but still get the best deal for yourself.

Otherwise you are liable to get yourself also banned from the Rent-A-Car companies, and that might hurt your ability to travel in the future. Indeed, I’ve been to some airports where three quarters of the Rent-A-Car companies were out of cars, and the only company that had a car left, well it was one that I’d already been banned from renting at. Perhaps you will please consider all this and think on it.

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