John Wayne Gave Michael Caine Movie Career Advice to Avoid Fans Peeing on His Shoes

John Wayne is an American legend and motion picture star, who actors this kind of as Michael Caine knew a good deal about. Most of these who realized the Western star felt lucky to have the opportunity to know him. Caine when talked about his knowledge conference Wayne at The Beverly Hills Resort. On the other hand, he would have never guessed the guidance that he received relating to lovers perhaps peeing on his sneakers.

John Wayne met Michael Caine at The Beverly Hills Resort

John Wayne, the actor who gave advice to Michael Caine, wearing a suit with a cigarette in his hand, sitting at a table

John Wayne | Earl leaf/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Graham Norton Exhibit introduced Caine on to the display, in which they reviewed a story involving Wayne. Host Graham Norton questioned the actor about his knowledge with a helicopter landing in the spot and the shocking moment that unfolded.