Meet Canada’s most iconic animals – the Big Five

In phrases of wildlife, what springs to thoughts when hearing about “the Huge Five”? Most probably big African animals. On the other hand, Africa is not the only location in which large wild animals dwell. Assume of bears, whales, caribou, moose and bison. These animals are quite various but as awe-inspiring as their African counterparts and are discovered on the other aspect of the environment – they are Canada’s “Big Five”. Find out far more about these iconic animals and the place to get the ideal opportunity of getting a shut encounter with them – if you dare.


Of all the outdoor pursuits that Canada has to offer you, bear observing is one particular of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences. Canada is residence to 3 species of bears: the grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears. The grizzly, with its shaggy coat and giant paws, is arguably the most iconic of all bears and certain to attract a group. Who doesn’t want to listen to the roar of a grizzly in the wild?

To assurance your chance of recognizing one, vacation to the British Columbia coast in autumn during the salmon operate, an annual function when the bears feast on wild salmon as the fish return to their spawning grounds. Look at the spectacle of grizzlies catching an effortless food from the basic safety of a guided boat.

The most prevalent bear in Canada is the black bear, which can be found all more than the state. They are far more tolerant of men and women than the grizzly bear and normally stay in forests near human settlements. They are great climbers so make absolutely sure to glimpse up when you are on the lookout for black bears in the forest.

Polar bears have two thirds of its inhabitants in Canada and the ideal location to location them in the wild is in Churchill – a town on the fringes of the Arctic where people stay alongside polar bears. Through bear year it is not unusual to see the most significant land carnivores roam the streets. Which is why inhabitants are recognized to depart their doors and windows unlocked should a fast escape be necessary.


Quite a few of us dream of listening to the magical music of a whale out on the open up sea. There is almost nothing a lot more enchanting than witnessing these majestic and mysterious underwater creatures arise from the depths of the sea.

With around 33 species of whale dwelling in its oceans, Canada is 1 of the greatest sites on Earth to see these large marine mammals when joining any of the whale observe excursions. Prime time for this is May to October, when visits are supplied in boats of all dimensions from little sailing boats to luxury cruisers. You can even get up shut and particular to orcas from your quite individual kayak.

Throughout spring, most whales migrate north immediately after possessing spent the Canadian winter in heat southern waters. This is also where by the calves are born. As the whales migrate north all over again, a lot of pick to remain in the Canadian waters all summer, thanks to the abundance of meals there. Undertaking out on one of the quite a few boat tours and be confirmed an knowledge that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Did you know that the caribou is this kind of a nationwide image in Canada that it has been featured on the 25 cent piece for many years? Also recognised as reindeer in Europe, it has tall and flat antlers and whilst it is not as large as the moose, the stately caribou is among one particular of the most recognisable animals in Canada.

During the summertime months, herds of caribou migrate north to the tundra (some far more than 600 miles!) in which they feed on the grass and vegetation. They make their way again south with the to start with snowfall. Regrettably, caribou is the most at danger with some herds possessing declined by extra than 95 for each cent.

This is mainly due to local weather modify which has afflicted the reliability of their migratory route as well as their means to accessibility food stuff. A emphasis on giving habitat for caribou on a prolonged-phrase basis has been set into position to ideally safeguard the upcoming of this iconic animal.


The moose is frequently considered a symbol of Canada as it can be noticed practically in every single region, with the exception of Vancouver Island and the Arctic. The largest customers of the deer household, named elk in Europe, they are hard to skip with their prolonged, distinctive antlers.

You can frequently spot them near ponds and lakes in the boreal forest, or foraging for foodstuff on the side of the street in the Canadian Rockies. But make guaranteed to continue to be out of their assortment of eyesight and not get far too close! Even though they may perhaps look approachable with their prolonged, friendly faces and slow-paced movements, they can shift pretty speedy when threatened. On a enjoyment be aware, they have sweets named following them: ‘Moose Droppings’ – otherwise recognised as chocolate-included almonds. You can buy this take care of at several memento outlets in Canada.


Fulfill Canada’s largest land mammal: the bison, also referred to as the buffalo, weighing up to 900 kg (1,985 lbs). Indigenous People made use of the bison for just about every little thing to endure both equally bodily and spiritually: food items and outfits, shelter, applications and ceremonial implements.

As soon as there ended up close to 60 million bison thundering throughout the prairie from Mexico to Northern Canada. However, all over the late 1800s figures were being reduced to a mere 300 in just a couple of decades owing to the systematic slaughter by settlers. No other species on Earth has disappeared so quickly.

Fortunately plains bison are making a comeback, with a herd of 31 reintroduced to the remote valleys of Banff Nationwide Park in 2018. Having said that, additional recovery is minimal for the reason that grasslands have come to be one of Canada’s most endangered habitats. These grasslands were being formed by bison when they migrated and grazed their way through them, for that reason being shed as bison numbers quickly declined. You can see a captive herd in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.

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