Living Migraine-Free For Two Years


I hadn’t had a migraine in almost two years, until this weekend when I went camping with the scouts at Lost Valley. The pain was severe and the cold weather that chilled you to the bones made it my head thump so terribly I couldn’t participate in many activities. I decided to take the time to reflect on what triggered this migraine after two years of not having one. I pray my experience this weekend will be a testimony to many of what helps migraines pretty much disappear from your life without the use of medication.

I used to get severe migraine headaches for many years. I would wake up at night and just cry in pain. The throbbing would not stop and I felt like throwing up, but nothing would come up. I would lay awake for hours, not comfortable in any position. I would take meds that would lessen the effect, but they migraines kept reoccurring. A doctor finally prescribed a strong pill for me and it would help, but it just knocked me out and I felt dizzy afterwards. I hated taking it, to be honest.

About two years ago, I started living a healthier lifestyle. I started using detergents from Watkins and Melaleuca and I started using Melaleuca products around my home. In November of 2006, I started drinking an ounce of a high antioxidant drink offered by Young Living Essential Oils and I noticed that I started getting sick less, even though people around me were getting sick. I thought that was very interesting. I then switched over to more organic foods after reading a book by Kevin Trudeau, and I continued feeling well. I also started eating mostly poultry and my red meat intake was on very rare occasions; if I did eat red meat, I would make sure it was organic so that it didn’t have all the hormones and all the toxins in it that made me sick. About seven months ago, I started exercising on a more regular basis. I scheduled my workouts and I found some excellent workout videos offered by BeachBody that really helped me get in shape. Through all these changes, I noticed my migraines had pretty much disappeared and I was in awe. I hadn’t really stopped to think about this, until the husband of someone from my church told me his wife would get migraines on a regular basis. I realized that I had been migraine-free in over two years and I was waiting for the right opportunity to talk to her about what had helped me and, hence, what could help her.

I then went on the camping trip with the scouts. The weather was freezing cold. I could not get warm at all. Our first meal was lunch. We had a hamburger, with a white bun of course, chili, fries and a brownie. I could only eat half of my hamburger because I hated the taste of frozen, processed hamburgers. I ate the fries though, and the chili and the brownie. I am sure the fries were the frozen ones and the chili came from a can. The brownies of course were made with white flour and white sugar, as well as non-organic eggs. I noticed my head started to hurt. I ignored it and I went to the archery place with my family and the other scouts. My headache was mild, but it would not go away. Dinnertime came and we went to the cafeteria. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. The mashed potatoes were from a box – definitely not from fresh potatoes. The beans came from a can, and I have no idea how they made the meatloaf; I am sure the meat was not organic, though. After dinner, my headache started getting worse. I decided to put on my emergency therapeutic-grade oil blend called M-Grain. That helped lessen the severity and I went to movie night with my family. When I got back to the tent, my headache was back and my head was throbbing. I put on some more oil and went to sleep. Since the weather was about 35 degrees, my headache would not go away. My head kept throbbing terribly and I kept getting up every few hours to put on some more oil. I would sleep on and off but the next day, my headache continued. I started reflecting and realized I was only treating the symptoms with the oils, but I had to treat the cause if I wanted the headache to stop completely. I decided not to eat any more of the meals there and allow my body to detoxify from all the processed food that was in it.

I started the day drinking a bottle of Arrowhead water mixed with an ounce of NingXia Red, the high-antioxidant drink from Young Living that I drink every day. I got hungry, so had an orange and an apple, since fruits help your body detoxify. I kept drinking water. For lunch, I had a banana with some almonds and I had a small salad. My headache was starting to get better, but the cold weather would not allow it to completely go away because I would tense up. While I was in the warm cafeteria, I felt better by not eating the meals offered there and just eating fruit. I would go out, and my head would start to throb again. We decided to drive home that night because I could not endure another cold, sleepless night. I was hungry at dinner time, so I had some corn on the cob and some beans, and skipped the bar-b-q pork ribs. I also had a slice of watermelon. We left the campsite that night and I slept soundly in my nice warm bed. This morning I feel wonderful. My migraine is gone and my body feels clean after not eating the meals provided at the scout camp yesterday, as well as getting out of the cold weather that made me tense up and my head continue to throb.

Through this horrible experience this weekend, I realized my healthy lifestyle is what has kept me migraine-free for about two years now. I will continue to stay away from processed foods and continue to use non-toxic products on myself and in my home. For those who get migraines on a regular basis, but recommendations are to start off doing a good detoxification program to rid your body of the toxins already in it, and start living a healthy lifestyle that will help your body stay clean of toxins that bombard you on a regular basis. Make sure the detoxification program will clean your liver, which is the organ that helps your body get rid of toxins naturally, but can’t do its job if it is overloaded, of course. Start using detergents, multipurpose cleaners, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, make-up, etc, that are toxin-free.

Some good companies that offer these products are Young Living Essential Oils, Tahitian Noni International, some of Watkins and some of Melaleuca products, Tate’s and the MiEssence line of products. There are a handful of other companies that also offer good products, so do your research and be a good label reader. Don’t just assume a product is good just because the front of the bottle says it is. Read the label and make sure that the ingredients are safe for you to use on a regular basis. Exercise on a regular basis and drink lots of filtered water. Eat lots of organic foods, cut down on your red meat intake, and stay away from processed flour, processed sugar and processed oils. Live a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis so your immune system can get strong, and you too will be able to be migraine-free. In addition to not having migraines anymore, you will also notice that you don’t get sick as often, which is a great side-effect, don’t you think?

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