Local zoo takes precautions to protect birds and poultry from Avian Flu

LUDLOW, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) -The Avian Flu is in the air. It’s a illness that can be fatal for birds and can be devastating to poultry farms. It’s specifically common all through this time of calendar year, as birds travel back again North for the hotter seasons, which lead to community zoos taking precautions.

At Lupa Zoo in Ludlow, they’re performing what they can to protect from the remarkably pathogenic avian influenza, also recognized as the Avian Flu, which is quite really serious for birds.

Officers reported it’s a virus that has been discovered in lots of wild birds and domestic flocks together the east coast and is generally being brought up by migrating ducks and Canadian geese that are transmitting the virus by means of their droppings.

We checked in with the staff at Lupa Zoo to see if they ended up having preventative measures to make sure the safety of chicken species right here in western Mass.

“It’s lethal and it kills a lot of chickens and it kills a whole lot of ducks when it gets in there, so we have to be very careful, we have to wash our feet when we go into clean up. We have to be mindful with any wild migrating birds,” said Wally Lupa, Facility Director of Animal Care and Facility Advancement.

He said they maintain their chickens inside and won’t enable their ducks, swans and geese onto their large pond until they get clearance from the vet. They also hold the Parakeets and Kookaburra in their own different coated buildings.

As of proper now, there are not currently any documented scenarios of the virus in individuals in the United States.