Must-Try Hong Kong Street Food Tour & Travel Guide

When you go to Hong Kong, there is one thing you can’t ignore, and that is their famous street foods. It does not matter what part of Hong Kong you visit – you will always find street-side snacks such as fluffy eggettes, curry fish balls, etc. Whether you go to Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, or Tsuen Wanner, you will always find these tasty tidbits. If you have never been to Hong Kong before or was here but had no time to try their delicious street food, this post is meant for you. We have been to Hong Kong before, and we conducted our research regarding the best street food to try when you visit here. Below is a complete list of some of the best street food In Hong Kong, China

Must-Try Hong Kong Street Food Tour & Travel Guide

1. Siu Mai 

Siu Mai, easily recognizable by its color -bright yellow is a ubiquitous street-side snack that’s different from other snacks you may have tried before. 

The food is prepared with flour kneaded together with some fish meat. It is then steamed and afterward dosed in soy sauces. 

You can add some chili if you have a craving to kick some heat. Siu Mai is readily available in almost all the roadside joints, so finding a place to taste it should not be a big task. The best Siu Mai food is only served in the streets of Hong Kong, so make sure you don’t leave without giving it a trial.

2. Curry Fish Balls

Ask Hong Kong residents, and they will testify to you that there is no other street food in Hong Kong that can compare to Curry Fish Balls. The meal is regarded as the most iconic street food that you should never ignore whenever you come to Hong Kong.

As is the case with Siu Mai, the food is served in almost all the savory street stalls. Finding a cool joint to enjoy is not a big task. 

The snack is prepared with flour and fish meat. There are no words to explain the taste -try it yourself.

3. Roasted Sweet Potato & Chestnuts

If you have never tasted roasted sweet potato, make sure you don’t leave the street of Hong Kong without giving it a try. It’s probably the sweetest thing that you will taste in China. You will find food hawkers with mobile street carts selling roasted sweet potato & chestnuts. They are strategically located within the City, so finding them won’t be hectic.There are very many street vendors who haul or peddle their mobile food carts around the city center. You will be able to spot them with ease. They are easily identifiable due to the distinct aroma and a cloud of smoke surrounding them. 

Other than selling roasted sweet potatoes or Chestnuts, these street food hawkers sell salt-baked quail eggs – you can also try them out. 

4. Octopus or Soy-Braised Cuttlefish 

These may not be part of the visually appealing snacks in Hong Kong; however, they are worth it. When you look at the snacks, you may think they are not delicious, but they are! You should not base your snack choice on the visual appeal but the taste. If you believe so, make sure you tried out Octopus or Soy-braised cuttlefish before leaving the streets of Hong Kong. If you left without, keep in mind that it may mean never!Preparing octopus is a straightforward one as they only need to be boiled until they are tender. Afterward, they are flavored by dipping them in a soy-based marinade. They are served on a bamboo stick. You will never forget their taste – please try them for your own experience.

5. Deep-Fried Pig Intestine

Yet another snack worth trying in the streets of Hong Kong is deep-fried Pig Intestines. The snack is prepared by wrapping several layers of intestines (from pig) into sausage-like bundles. The name may sound funny, but believe it or not, the snack is much more appealing than you’d expect from its name. This is particularly the case if the snack is deep-fried until a point when the outer casing gets crisp – and the center remains moist. You will find locals enjoying it – why not join them and have a taste? It’s worth it, so don’t just pass by.

6. Cheung Fun

If you love snacks that feel smooth by texture or al dente chew, then you have Cheung Fun as supposedly the best snack to try out in the streets of Hong Kong. Cheung Fun is prepared by rolling steamed rice noodles into bundles. They are then chopped into 2-bite pieces.Unlike Cheung Fun served in restaurants, the streetside ones are different as they contain no fillings. They are eaten with dowsing sauces and sesame seeds. 

7. Eggettes

You can resist the aroma of eggettes. If you have never tried them before, it’s their smell that will attract you. Eggettes, popularly referred to as Gai Daan Zai in Cantonese, is prepared by pouring egg batter onto griddle pans. It’s then cooked until it gets crisp on the outside – but soft & fluffy inside. Whereas you can get eggettes in Hong Kong’s big-name Hotels and restaurants, I’d suggest that you try the street ones. This is because they have no added fillings that would otherwise tamper with their original taste. However, if you like spiced ones, are sure to find them in the streets. 

There are flavors such as chocolate, green tea, sesame, etc. Try as many tastes as you would like. In some cases, you will even want to bring some packed takeaway home. 

8. Stinky Tofu

I bet this is the funniest snacks that you have ever tried in your life. Stinky tofu, as the name suggests, gives out a pungent odor, but unlike what you would expect, the snacks are very delicious. The smell results from a long fermentation process in brine milk, meat, or even vegetables. If you can bear its smell, Stinky Tofu is sure to please.

The Bottom line

As you’ve seen, there are very many street-side foods in Hong Kong, China. You can’t go without food while here unless it’s by choice. Make sure you try the above bites, and I’m sure you will recommend the same to your friends. 

Plan your trip to Hong Kong now, and make sure you never go back without enjoying these street foods in Hong Kong. For the best Hong Kong flight deals, contact Cathay Pacific on their official website.