Samoa Joe Should Defend His ROH Television Strap In These 3 Brutal Matches

October 1st, the yr was 2005, and the venue was the New Yorker Lodge Ballroom. Chants of “This is wonderful! This is awesome!” echoed loudly all over the ballroom. I was there! No, wait around, I wasn’t there. I want I would have been there. If I can don’t forget that much back again, I was almost certainly obtaining a person of my last amateur boxing fights that night just before attempting to change pro. Anyway, my position is that the rabid fans in the New Yorker Resort Ballroom that night realized they had been becoming handled to a thing specific, pure, a thing scarce. Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi was fucking amazing. They conquer the shit out of each and every other in a wrestling fan’s wet aspiration occur to existence. If you have never ever observed this match, you will need to, and if you have, nicely, then you have to have to go look at it again.

So here we are, seventeen years afterwards, 2022. Now that Samoa Joe is unchained from the commentary desk at NXT and back in the ring wrestling at AEW, is All Elite Wrestling able of scheduling him a match that can reside up to his battle with Kobashi? The small answer is almost certainly not, but the hopeful remedy is maybe. To be fair, AEW has place the ROH Television belt on Joe, so it seems to be like they will be applying him as their go-to guy to carry ROH into the mix on Dynamite and Rampage. As Television Champion, he should really be defending the strap weekly, just like they did back again in the old times on Sunday mornings on Midsouth Wrestling.

The lovers feel to be really delighted to have Samoa back, he’s receiving a excellent pop. I know a person point, as a wrestling enthusiast, I do not want to see a legend like Samoa Joe defending the ROH Television title towards random large basketball participant. I want to see him obtaining basic matches with balls-to-the-wall legit wrestlers who are entitled to a title shot. If I were being booking at AEW, in this article are the a few ROH Television Title protection matches I would be booking for Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe vs John Silver: Exploding Barbed Wire Match

John Silver is likely one of the finest all-about wrestlers on AEW’s roster. He is excellent at promos, a beast in the ring, and he’s just an all-close to likable dude. AEW, regrettably, has both no interest or no clue what to do with Silver. It need to have been obvious to the AEW writers what to do with John Silver immediately after Mr. Brody Lee’s premature demise. John Silver really should have been produced the leader of Dark Buy, and the faction need to have been introduced back into major billing. With any luck , that inevitably happens, but I will not hold my breath.

John Silver has still to have a famous match that he’ll be remembered for. I would guide Samoa Joe vs John Silver in an exploding barbed wire match for the ROH Television strap. Unlike the Moxley vs Omega non-exploding debacle, there would be tons of explosions. I can just see the smile on Silver’s face now, as Samoa Joe tosses him effortlessly into a sheet of plywood loaded with barbed wire and explosives. Silver would be smiling with pleasure as shit blew up in his deal with, heaps of it, pleasure that is. Afterall, AEW owes the lovers a authentic exploding match that doesn’t fizzle out at what is intended to be the grand finale. Would Samoa Joe keep the ROH Television set title? Likely, but it’d be a fantastic time for the outdated man to place around the more youthful person.

Samoa Joe vs Lance Archer: Dog Collar Match

Lance Archer is another dude that AEW is failing miserably with. I suggest arrive on the dude has Jake the Snake Roberts as his supervisor. You have a person of the best to at any time do a promo with one of your most beastly wrestlers, and you really don’t have him in a main tale line?

There is not significantly to say, other than this would be a fucking epic brawl. Samoa Joe and Lance Archer chained up to each other in a 30-minute canine collar match would be pure chaos. If I booked it, Lance Archer would be the new ROH Television set Champion. If Tony Kahn booked it, Samoa Joe would acquire, and we would not see Archer again for weeks like common. There would surely be an ambulance trip to the ER later on for at least 1 of them. Reserve this match now Tony Kahn, remember to, for the like of Mr. Brody Lee, book it now!

Samoa Joe vs Darby Allin: I Give up, Stadium Stampede Match

All people enjoys Darby Allin, really do not they? I believe they do. At initial, I believed he was just some silly skinny kid with a lame make-up wearing skateboarder gimmick. As a skateboarder myself, I questioned no matter whether Darby even tru
ly understood how to skate, a great deal less wrestle. After looking at a several matches, I rapidly realized that the dude is pretty gifted, and challenging as balls. The little thrasher is ridiculous, I adore him, he’s fearless. I adore that he’s truly superior at becoming thrown down a flight of concrete measures into the concourse, and I enjoy when he does a coffin dive through a coffin onto his opponent.

Envision Darby Allin and Samoa Joe in an I give up match. Improved yet, the I Stop match usually takes position in the stadium stampede environment. Darby and Joe brawling all through a range of areas in a stadium, wreaking havoc on just about every other, it would for sure be a wonderful blood bathtub. I don’t believe that the fight would end with either man declaring, “I quit” both. Both men would somewhat go unconscious in a pool of their individual blood in front of the Dippin Dots on the concourse than to quit. I detest to choose a winner in this a person, but I feel Darby would look good with the ROH Television set strap all around his midsection.

What Match Would You E book Samoa Joe In AEW?

Are you happy to see Samoa Joe again in action? Who do you want to see him wrestle in AEW, and what type of matches? Who do you believe has the possible to have an epic Kobashi’esque match with Samoa Joe?