Staying at Home For Exercise – Why Gym Memberships Are Unnecessary


Admittedly there is a certain mystique about the gym that we don’t see when staying at home for exercise. Through carefully designed brochures we read and see the results of diligent gym use. It is not that it is impossible; it is just that for most of us it doesn’t happen. For some it is a matter of carving out enough time for the trip to the gym, the work-out, shower and trip home. For others it is the sore muscles that prevent us from returning regularly. Finally, for all of us the cost can add up over the years making us question the need for it.

Whatever the reason for skipping the gym, there are some reasons to exercise at home. For these reasons gym memberships are unnecessary.

1. Try exercise bands, exercise balls and yoga. Gyms are about machines, cables and iron bricks. To walk into a gym and pick up an exercise band are perform a yoga routine seems like a waste yet these are powerful “get in shape” tools which we shouldn’t overlook. The key to many injuries is excessive weight which is likely to happen in the competitive atmosphere of a gym. However, we are less likely to injure ourselves with exercise bands as the required exertion is gradually increased and then decreased through out the movement. The same is true for the use of exercise balls.

2. Try a treadmill, a elliptical machine and a stationary bicycle. There will always be days in which the weather does not cooperate with our outdoor plans. In this case the use of a personal treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bike is ideal. The cost is a one time occurrence as compared to the gym membership dues. Find a place in your house that you can dedicate to the idea of exercise. It is not a good idea to put it in your bedroom. Keep the bedroom as a place to calm down and sleep, not sweat!

3. Most go to the gym just to lose weight… eat correctly first. Analyze your diet and eliminate processed junk food and sweets. It is easier to lose weight through a diet change than to try an exercise off a Krispy Kreme donut every day. That’s a lot of running!

4. Try walking, running and biking for real. The outdoors can be inspirational and motivational whether it is city streets or cow pastures. Start with small goals of a mile or two and work on up to double that. See the results with just these calorie burning routines and you’ll forget about the gym.

5. Try a video workout. There are some fantastic video workout series which require very little workout equipment. The Beachbody or P90x workout series will have your muscles showing in very little time.

6. Just can’t come up with the time? Try to add some calorie burning changes you’re your office routine at work. Stand at desk for 15 minutes an hour. This works for some phone conversations that don’t require simultaneous computer access. Take the elevator to the floor or two below the floor you need to go to and walk a flight or stairs or two. You won’t sweat but will burn a few extra calories every time.

There are many reasons for staying at home for exercise and for these reasons we see that gym memberships are unnecessary. Try a few of these and get in shape without the hassle!

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