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The holidays are the best time to cool off, relax from physical pressures and catch up on all the fun you have been missing. And this is why most people take the time off to participate in some really “crazy” sport like hiking to a crazy range, sky-diving, bungee jumping, and thousand others.

If your holiday is not filled with fun experiences like this, it will just pass like another prolonged weekend off work. And that is something you wouldn’t like at all (yeah, speaking from experience).

In Thailand, one sport growing quickly to become a lifestyle among the people, substituting for fun sports like hiking, mountain biking, car racing, and other great sports. This sport is known as Muay Thai.

What is Muay Thai?

From its popularity, it may well be practiced by over 40 million people worldwide. It is a mutant form of the legendary art of the Muay Thai combat sport. And far from surprising, it comprises some of the best health benefits.

Here is why you should practice Muay Thai during the holidays;

  • The camps are usually utopic

Muay Thai camps located in Thailand, especially Phuket Island are very relaxing and therapeutic. They usually border beautiful beaches, islands, mountains, hills, and everywhere that is worth visiting in Phuket.

It has just the right kind of ambiance to suit the stressful period.

  • Muay Thai is for all at Suwitmuaythai

Unlike most sports – heavily dominated by young men (13-45), Muay Thai is practically for everyone, including women, kids, the elder population, and co. You will find more women in Muay Thai training camps than any other sports training center.

  • Muay Thai is good for your health and fitness

Keeping your muscles, body organs, and other parts healthy involves lots of routines; diets, rests, check-ups, and exercise. And many physicians continue to emphasize the unplayable importance of Muay Thai to body health.

Aerobic & anaerobic exercises (both in Muay Thai) are perfect for your cardiovascular health, and the developments of stronger, flexible, and bigger muscles as opposed to fats . Many people improve the fitness in short time at a Muay Thai training camp and holiday.

  • Incredible weight loss routine

Do you know the number of testimonies about how Muay Thai at has helped many people overcome their weight struggles? 1, 2, 3, no, uncountable. These days, many people visit Muay Thai training camps to burn unnecessary body fats and calories.

It is incredible to think about how fun, yet tasking Muay Thai activities can be.

  • Expels anxiety and depression

Therapists will never tire of recommending physical activities like Muay Thai to their patients. Now, more than ever, the rate of depression, pressures, and anxiety from work, home, schools is rising alarmingly.

Sometimes, “beating up” a dummy, squatting, sweating conscientiously in training can help you overcome your anxieties.

Wrapping Up

Phuket island is one of the popular and beautiful cities in the world, situated in the bustling heart of Thailand. It has become a hub for foreigners, locals, businesses, and idyllic Muay Thai camps.

Holidaying in Phuket will cost you far less than other neighboring cities, added to the massive security you will enjoy in Thailand.

I still relish my last visit.


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