The Ryan Kwanten True Blood Workout


Many of you who watch True Blood are familiar with Ryan Kwanten. He is the guy who plays the ultra-fit character named Jason Stackhouse. Ryan is more than defined. This guy is in amazing shape.

Ryan’s Physique Was Formed Outside of the Gym

Ryan Kwanten is a 32 year-old native of Australia and used to compete in Triathlons as well as boxing. Sports seem to create more of a beach body effect, compared to gym workouts alone. He was state champ in the welterweight division in boxing from the age of 13-15.

What Ryan Kwanten Does These Days in Los Angeles

Now that Ryan lives in LA, he no longer competes in Triathlons. His workouts largely consist of body weight exercises: push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc. He also like to do intervals and jumps rope. Body weight work and intervals seems to be a recurring theme with men and women in Hollywood. Ryan also has competed and won the biathlon in LA in 2006 and 2007.

When He Needs to Get Extra Cut for Shirtless Scenes

Ryan eats a “paleo diet” based around protein and vegetables with few refined grains and carbs if he needs to get extra lean for a special scene. He claims that he only needs to do this for 2-3 days leading up to a special event. The lower intake of carbs insures that his insulin levels stay stable. Stable insulin levels are the key to burning body fat around the clock, since when insulin is high the body cannot use fat for energy.

Cardio Done In Nature for Extra Fat Burning

Ryan doesn’t believe in using treadmills and exercise bikes for cardio. He prefers the random challenge on running on trails outdoors along with running on the beach. This type of variable resistance insures his body is always guessing and adds to the fat burning effect.

So Ryan Kwanten’s Workout seems to be based around a strict diet at times with interval training and a lot of body weight work. This “getting fit without going to a gym” seems to be a growing trend with many of the Actors and Actresses in Hollywood. Unfortunately, since Ryan’s workout doesn’t have any traditional structure to it, it is hard to list specific step by step details.

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