Traveling With Pets – What You Need to Know


Traveling with pets requires some extra preparation and work. Yet pet owners who don’t want to leave their dogs or cats when they travel still make these extra efforts especially if they don’t want to get separated for a long time. For them, the extra work is worth it when they get to enjoy their trip with their furry friends.

Travel preparation starts with a visit with the vet. Make sure that your pet’s shots are up to date. Also secure necessary medications, if your pet is taking any, for the duration of the trip.

When making hotel reservations, mention that you will be bringing your pet with you and if they charge extra for that. If you are using the services of a travel agent, have them locate a number of pet friendly accommodations you can choose from. Not all hotels are pet friendly. Better find out in advance rather than go through the stress of having to look for a place to stay at the last minute in an unfamiliar place.

Don’t forget to bring a pet carrier of the right size. It should be big enough to allow your pet to lie down and stand. It shouldn’t be too big though that it would be difficult for you to lug around.

When you’ve finally arrived and are taking a walk and exploring around, always keep your pet leashed. Being in strange and unfamiliar place might cause them to stray off or bark at other people. Also bring a flea collar or apply some flea medicine on their skin to avoid them getting any fleas or ticks from the place you’re visiting.

Always have a water bottle and a small bag of treats to keep your pets happy as they explore their new surroundings. Just like humans, they also need their bathroom breaks too. Be extra attentive to your pet’s signals to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Lastly, be a responsible owner and always clean up after your pet. A small vacuum will come in handy when you have to pick up scraps of dog or cat food or cat litter. Some hotels will add an extra charge for the mess caused.

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