What happened to his animals and when is Ross Kemp’s documentary?

Michael Jackson kept exotic animals at his Neverland ranch. (Getty Images)

Michael Jackson kept unique animals at his Neverland ranch. (Getty Visuals)

Ross Kemp’s new documentary will look into what occurred to the animals from Michael Jackson’s Neverland zoo.

The 75 minute episode will see Ross Kemp vacation throughout the US to locate out exactly where Jackson’s animals ended up – with the fate of some of the pets “shrouded in thriller, scandal or tragedy.”

Kemp will also investigate how the animals had been treated beneath Jackson’s treatment, and will glimpse at probable conditions of animal cruelty.

The pop star left the ranch in 2005, before his death in 2009. But wherever did the animals go when Neverland closed down?

What animals lived at Michael Jackson’s zoo?

Michael Jackson experienced a lot more than 50 species at his zoo, which include exoctic species like giraffes, elephants, and tigers.

The pop star also famously owned a chimpanzee named Bubbles.

Bubbles the chimp was Michael Jackson’s most famous pet. (Getty Images)

Bubbles the chimp was Michael Jackson’s most well-known pet. (Getty Illustrations or photos)

Where was Michael Jackson’s zoo?

The zoo was found at Jackson’s notorious Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara County, California.

The ranch, which was Jackson’s house, also experienced an amusement park and trains.

What transpired to Michael Jackson’s animals?

Michael Jackson remaining the Neverland ranch in 2005 just after staying charged and later aquitted of baby abuse. The alleged abuse was stated to have taken location at the ranch.

Following the trial, he remaining the ranch and under no circumstances went back again. The ranch fell into disrepair.

In 2008, the pop star bought a portion of the ranch and the amusement park rides were being taken off. He died of cardiac arrest in 2009, aged 50.

It is unclear what happened to the animals when Neverland closed down, but this is what Kemp attempts to uncover in the new documentary.

Michael Jackson had a zoo at his Neverland ranch in California. (Getty Images)

Michael Jackson experienced a zoo at his Neverland ranch in California. (Getty Pictures)

How to observe Searching for Michael Jackson’s Zoo with Ross Kemp

Browsing for Michael Jackson’s Zoo will air on ITV tonight (April 27) at 9pm.

In a assertion, Kemp said: “A rich star’s plaything and position image, Michael Jackson’s Zoo motivated a throughout the world growth in the personal possession of exotic animals.

“This is a journey that will acquire me into the weird entire world of America’s non-public zoos and menageries and the typically-cruel trade that provides them.

“So, I want to discover out how Jackson’s animals were being handled at the ranch, in which they went after it closed and what Neverland’s animal legacy truly is.”