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If you are like most people there is a great chance that you might share a similar opinion about the importance of will drafting. The common belief is that living will drafting is only for the rich and the very old. The truth is that living will drafting is for anyone – irrespective of age and social status. 

Even if you are working two jobs and looking after a family, you can immensely benefit from Living Will Drafting and taking care of everything that might be triggered by your serious illness or your death. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits. 

Living Will – An Overview

A living will is essentially linked with estate planning that you draft with the help of an attorney. It comprises instructions for your end-of-life decisions and for potential medical care if you are no longer in the position to make the decisions yourself. 

Most estate planning involves the transfer of your property in case of death. However, compared to estate planning, a living will is unique, as it comprises its purpose during your lifetime. 

What Includes a Living Will?

At this point, you might be wondering about the essentials of a living will. You should know that it includes potential care instructions that are to be followed in case your illness does not allow you to act autonomously. 

We know that life is unpredictable, and you never know when you will become mentally or physically incapacitated due to dementia, terminal illness, or comas. 

By establishing a living will, you will give yourself and your family peace of mind, as your loved ones will know that they are carrying out all potential end-of-life procedures, according to your desire. Ideally, the living will should include instructions regarding your preference of treatment method, medication, organ donations, etc. 

Protect Your Business and Assets

Proper estate planning can also protect your business, as you make conscious decisions in life regarding what would happen to your business in case something happens to you. Speaking of business, if you are currently in the process of starting your business, you might want to get in touch with a corporate business lawyer and get legal advice from the very onset about the various legal aspects of running and owning a business.

If you do not get the legal aspects right from the very start, it can impact your business operations in the long and short run. So, you definitely need legal guidance about running a business to ensure that you aren’t breaking the law at any point in your business venture.  

Apart from protecting your assets, you can use the living will to appoint a power of attorney and prevent critical arguments among your family members. This way, you will be taking off much of the burden of making decisions from your potential caretakers.

You can also use the will to refuse any potential treatments that you wouldn’t want – if you were to get ill. If you think about it – it will give you the much-needed mental peace that you will be receiving the type of medical care that you want. 

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